Confraternity Sunday - 2017 (Kompriso Purshanv) Back

The Most Holy Redeemer Church, Derebail celebrates its Annual Feast on the first Sunday in the month of November. A week prior to this celebration the Parishioners observe the Confraternity Sunday, basically to prepare themselves spiritually for this Annual Feast. The Eucharistic Celebration of the Confraternity Sunday began at 4.30 PM on the 29th of October, 2017. Rev Fr Maxim being the main celebrant offered mass along with Rev.Fr. Austin Peris, Fr. Gratian Alvares and Fr. Walter Pinto.

In his homily Fr Maxim stressed on the theme of the day which was Brotherhood and Love towards one’s fellow human beings. As a symbolic gesture of this noble thought that Jesus propounded years ago, the parishioners went on a procession after the mass holding candles in their hands. There were tableaux depicting the Holy Family and the Blessed Sacrament too was taken around in the procession. It was indeed a powerful message of Love, Peace and Faith that the parishioners exhibited during this solemn walk from the Church premise to Kuntikan Junction via Landlinks.

The parishioners assembled in the church after the procession for a short prayer service which was followed by the Veneration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The festive mood was then on when the parishioners danced to the rhythm of the brass band that played a series of Baila songs. The church vicinity looked well illuminated with both the lightings and the happiness of the parishioners.

Report by: Lynsha Lobo Martis
Pictures: Simon Pereira [Simon Digital Studio]