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Young age is a very crucial period. It is a golden and a very important phase in one’s life as it is the time of achievements, if used in the right direction, but can be dangerous if mislead. Thus to guide the youth of our community and make proper use of the youth power for the betterment of the society the Yuva Spandan Derebail (YSD) came into existence, in Derebail Parish on August 15, 2011. Well that is the history behind YSD.But the basic need for a youth organization was because there was a lack of an independent youth organization in our parish and also a majority of the youth in our parish was dormant. Hence there arose a need to not only tap into the vast reservoir of the talents of these youth but also to help them to realize their talents, develop them and perfect them so as to create and build bright, energetic and able citizens with the values of Christ in them. Since then we try to reach out to the youth in our parish and try to create a bond and a feeling of oneness among the youth in the parish.

On 30th May, 2015 , Yuva Spandan Derebail continued its expansion into the more known Indian Catholic Youth Movement and affiliated itself into the ICYM Mangalore Diocese under the directorship of (late) Rev Fr Joseph Lobo. 

What is our motive ….??

Every human should have their own identity in this society and each should respect others identity.Whenever there is an attack on identity everyone will get hurt. In today’s world we have built walls among us these walls have created a lot of pain with us every catholic youth should try to destroy these walls and Role model to others. If we have Peace in our hearth there Harmony will come in our family.


What is our AIM…??

To make the youth feel physically and emotionally safe. Young people will learn better and participate more fully when they feel physically and emotionally safe. This environment encourages honesty, trust, and respect among all youth and adults.

To make the youth experience belonging and ownership. Youth feel included and motivated. They have significant roles as participants and leaders.

To make the youth develop self-worth through meaningful contribution. Young people feel free to contribute, and their contribution is accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated.

To make the youth develop quality relationships with peers and adults. Youth develop caring and trusting relationships. Youth and adults learn together and respect one another.

To enable the youth to discuss conflicting values and to form their own. Youth have a safe place to talk with other youth and adults about values and topics that are important to them. All beliefs and questions are respected and taken seriously.

To make the youth feel the pride and accountability that comes with mastery. Youth experience success by completing activities appropriate for their stage of development and preferred style of learning. Youth set goals and celebrate accomplishments.

To make the youth expand their capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible. Youth are offered new experiences and opportunities to enjoy life. They learn and grow from successes and failures.

Who can join YSD?

Parishioners between the age limit of 18-28 years are already a member. All you have to do is approach the YSD president for the year and we will keep you updated about the various events that we conduct.

What we do?

The youth in YSD actively take part in various activities organized by the parish council. The association encourages the youth to take part in leadership and interpersonal skill development programs and thus help them play a very important role in building the church. YSD also guides, solves problems and tries to fulfill the needs of the youth. We learn to be independent, honest, and hardworking and develop our personality in order to become excellent Christians.

As stated earlier young age is a crucial period in one’s life. Necessary guidance is provided by the mentors, parish priests and other elders for the youth and so YSD helps in moulding them at this juncture.

In Derebail, we conduct meetings on every first Sunday of the month after the 9:15 mass. The day before the meeting, the cabinet members come together and decide upon an agenda for the next day.

What we actually do?

We try to fulfill all the above mentioned aims to the best of our capacities. We try to grow personally, spiritually and also help others to grow. We make new friends and learn to maintain them. And if you were wondering we also have fun in whatever we do, sometimes we try to have fun but when you have your friends no matter what the situation you always enjoy what you do said some great man some time ago.


President – Preston Russel Sequeira

Vice President  – Manish Pinto

Lady Vice President – Jonita D'Souza

Secretary – Maizy Fernandes

Joint Secretary – Reon D'Cunha

Treasurer – Susan Alvares

Auditor – Ashtal Lobo

P.R.O. and Amcho Yuvak / Varado Representative – Ashley Monis

Sports and Cultural Secretary – Joylin D'Cunha

Liturgical Secretary - Jennifer Pinto

Imm. Ex President - Kevin Suares

Animator: Lizzie A Fernandes

Meeting Timings – 1st & 3rd Sunday of Every Month