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The Christian Life Community (CLC) is an international association of lay Christians who have adopted an Ignatius model of spiritual life. The CLC traces its foundation to 1563, when the Jesuit John Leunis gathered a group of lay students at the roman college to form the sodality of our lady.

The experience of making the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius is of paramount importance to the members of CLC. Members are encouraged to adhere to a lifestyle which is gospel based and simple, to serve the poor and integrate contemplation and action.

CLC is for people who want to understand more deeply how God is at work in their everyday lives.

We meet regularly in small groups to pray and share, supporting one another through the ups and downs of ordinary life. In listening one another we grow to understand ourselves, deepen our relationship with God and  discover more clearly how each one of us is uniquely called to respond to Gods love.

Office bearers of 2017:

President –Denzil E Pinto

Vice-President-Joel Sequeira

Secretary-Adriel Quadros

Treasurer-Leston Pinto

Liturgical secretary-Sharrel Veigas

Cultural Secretary-Runa Veigas.

Consulters-Velzen Fernandes

                      Suman Pinto