Choir Picnic 2017 Back

The Choir of Most Holy Redeemer Church is one of the largest associations of the Parish and perhaps the most active among all associations. It comprises of three units - The Senior Choir, The Youth Choir and the Children's Choir. It also has members who voluntarily serve the choir during masses on week days.

A picnic was organized on the 4th of June, 2017 for the members of the choir. About 60 members were present. The team travelled to Mariashram Church near Talapady. The members of the Youth Choir conducted games within the premise of the Church. It was a day of fun, enjoyment and bonding for members of all the choirs. The members paid visit to the newly built Mariashram Church in the noon. 

After a heavy meal the picnic team started off to their next destination- Sasihithlu beach. Owing to the pleasant weather, the members got to play in the serene waters of the beach.  Tug of War was conducted. Awaiting the sunset, the members played Housie-Housie at the beach. The picnic was a grand success due to the presence and active participation of the Parish Priest, Rev.Fr.Austin.Peres and Fr.Gratian Alvares.

Report by: Lynsha Lobo Martis
Pictures: Llewellyn Lobo